Karibu! We are a small yet creative media house based in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

We're your creative powerhouse, crafting inspiring stories through videography, photography, design, and more. Every frame is a canvas, every moment a masterpiece. Welcome to your visual dreamland.


From corporate elegance to family warmth, we capture it all with an artist's eye, turning every frame into a lasting masterpiece.


From your wedding's joy to impactful documentaries, we breathe life into your stories, inspiring generations to come.

Graphics, Animations & Audio

To bring stories to life, we go beyond photography and videography, encompassing graphics, animations, visual effects, voiceovers, translations and so much more

Our Creations

Dive into our works, where every frame tells a unique story. Each photograph is a timeless moment, capturing the essence of life's most precious narratives.

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Embark on a journey of shared wisdom because, after all, 'Sharing is Caring.' Delve into the richness of our insights on Medium, where each article is a tapestry woven with care and knowledge.

Lovely Wedding

A Client’s Guide: Preparing for Your Corporate Portrait and Headshot Photoshoot.

As a team with years of experience in corporate portraits and headshots, we understand the importance of creating a professional image in the business world. Ensuring our clients are well-prepared for their photoshoots is our top priority. In this short guide, we’ll share key steps, along with examples, to help, you, our clients make the most of your upcoming sessions.