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Telling Stories

A single click in 2013 sparked K15 Photos, a passionate pursuit to capture life's essence through photography. Each image poured heart into fleeting moments, weaving them into cherished memories. As demand bloomed, so did the team, their talents blossoming beyond stills.

K15 Photos has blossomed into a creative haven. We transcend stills, crafting captivating stories with videos, igniting imaginations through animation, and adding depth with voice-overs. Memories burst to life on paper, infused with artistic flair by our design team. Today, we're a passionate force, wielding diverse tools to craft remarkable content that resonates. We don't capture visions; we collaborate to transform them into timeless stories.

Let K15 Photos be your partner, painting memories into eternal masterpieces.


From corporate elegance to family warmth, we capture it all with an artist's eye, turning every frame into a lasting masterpiece.


From your wedding's joy to impactful documentaries, we breathe life into your stories, inspiring generations to come.

Graphics, Animations & Audio

To bring stories to life, we go beyond photography and videography, encompassing graphics, animations, visual effects, voiceovers, translations and so much more

Team, Partners & Others

Emanuel Feruzi


Nainkwa Mrutu


Sylvester Jambo


Julius Moshiro

Partner / Arusha

Fatma Hamisi

Lead / Zanzibar

Chrispina Nazael


Aclovius Benedicto


Telling Their Stories